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COMMERCIAL Cleaning Services winnipeg

Office Cleaning Services 

Professional office cleaning is the cornerstone of the professional cleaning business and utilizes many of the services we provide, such as carpet cleaning, green cleaning, floor cleaning, windows, and janitorial.

Our office-cleaning professionals make sure that your office space is always clean – from the bathrooms to the boardroom.

At Simba Cleaning, we specialize in office cleaning. It is why we are #1 choice for office cleaning services.

Daily cleaning

Daily cleaning means everything from toilets to tiled floors and we will provide you with a checklist so you know what service you are receiving every day.

Office cleaning largely means janitorial services – dusting surfaces and desks, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, wiping down interior glass, emptying the trash, cleaning kitchen areas and refrigerators, mopping all hard floors with disinfectant, wiping door handles and light switches and many other duties to make your office both clean and germ free.

Janitorial services

We will provide a custom-tailored program for your specific expectations so your office is gleaming every morning. Once we partner with you, your expectations for your property become our own.

Office cleaning generally entails:


  • Emptying trash

  • Dusting

  • Restroom cleaning & sanitation

  • Vacuuming

  • General Office cleaning & maintenance

  • Floor Sweeping & Mopping

  • Cleaning entryways, stairwells, elevators

  • Other tasks, per client specifications, include polishing floors, deep cleaning carpets and washing windows.

  • Reliable office cleaning

If you select a reliable cleaning service for your office, there will be very little need to oversee their work. We will supervise and monitor the work of our trained and professional employees.

And there are no days off, not even weekends. Someone from our team will always be there. Perhaps you have a special event like a Christmas party on a Saturday. We will be there to clean up after.

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