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To clean your office and post-construction cleaning


Are you struggling to hire cleaning services in Winnipeg for your office, move-in, move-out, and post-construction cleaning, you are at the right place We provide services for your office at a very reasonable price. We provide commercial cleaning services, move-in, move-out, and Post Construction cleaning services at a very reasonable price. 


We are aware that life is terribly busy nowadays and it is hard to have time to clean your office. We will do it for you.

Everybody has a different type of place of living; we are aware of it, so we provide our services accordingly. Our main goal is to provide complete satisfaction to our customers.

We will only charge our customers when the job is done, and they are satisfied. This makes us the best cleaning services in Winnipeg.

We give our clients a fair and competitive estimate with better prices in Winnipeg. The cleaning is a different type when it comes to commercial, move in and move out, and office cleaning. Our team is aware of it, and we provide services as our customers wish.

Post-construction Cleaning:

Are you under stress because of Construction or Renovation waste in your building? You don’t need to worry about it, we are here to clean your building in Winnipeg. We will provide services to clean your building after construction. We make the building neat and clean. We have the experience to manage all types of construction cleaning.


Commercial cleaning:

You are running a business and thinking about hiring an agency that will take care of the cleaning of your business in Winnipeg. We provide our Cleaning services in Winnipeg at higher standards to meet your needs.

We will make your commercial place neat to make sure you run your business in a good-looking place. We will provide our services at the ambitious standards that you expect in your building. We are aware of your expectations; our team is here to meet your needs. Our team will come to your business and will analyze the place free of cost. After this, we will start our work. We will be there until you are satisfied with our work.

Move-out cleaning:

If you are planning to move out, we Simba cleaning services in Winnipeg are here to help you out. We take the responsibility to make your place ultra-clean. We provide you with more than simple cleaning and dusting. Our team makes sure that your place meets the standards of the landlord.

We serve you with these services:

  • Vacuum

  • Sweep

  • Sponge

  • Wash

  • Dry

  • Sanitize

  • Disinfect

Our team is responsible to make your kitchen neat and clean. We will make sure that there is no dust on the walls, floors, and windows.  We will clean your fridge, microwave, utensils, and all other appliances.


Move-in Cleaning:

Move-in cleaning is equally important of move out cleaning. Simba cleaning services has prior experience in cleaning. We make sure that the place you are moving in is free of any dust particles. We plan our work according to the expectations of the client.

We provide two types of move-in cleaning, basic and premium cleaning.


Basic Cleaning:

Basic cleaning services are for the newly built structures. There is no dirt or pollution from the previous use that we need to clean. We mainly focus on the polish the appearance of the building, remove the scrap inside and pollutants from the building.

Premium Cleaning:

Premium cleaning is for the places that have been in the use already and you decide to move in. We deal with the known and unknown elements that are leftover by the previous residents. Our team is capable to restore the place to its original shape. We will be there for you until we meet the expectations of our clients.


Office Cleaning:

An office is a place where you do your professional work. Everyone wants to keep the office clean. We provide our Office Cleaning  Services in Winnipeg to clean offices. Our team is a call away from your office. We provide our services on a daily, weekly, and biweekly basis. Our team will take care of your office. We make sure that your office is clean as your place of living.



Currently, we are providing these services in Winnipeg. To satisfy our customers is our main goal.

At Simba Winnipeg cleaning services we know how to transform your space after construction or Renovation

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Special Cleaning
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Post construction cleaning

Construction is a messy business. When the project is complete, there’s no telling what dirt and debris might be left behind. And while your builders might be experts at construction, they probably aren’t trained on the finer points of cleaning when the last nail is finally hammered into place.

Office Cleaning

Professional office cleaning is the cornerstone of the professional cleaning business and utilizes many of the services we provide in the Winnipeg area, such as carpet cleaning, green cleaning, floor cleaning, windows, and janitorial.Our office-cleaning professionals make sure that your office space is always clean – from the bathrooms to the boardroom.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial space is built to facilitate business activities. Great commercial cleaners promise to keep commercial spaces clean despite the high traffic and consistent activity on the premises.
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